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Hydrogen generators are here!

They burn fuel longer and cleaner, dramatically reducing your organization's carbon footprint while driving your energy cost down. Who thought saving the environment would save money?
Reliable partner to the trucking industry
Whether you are an owner/operator of a single tractor-trailer, or you oversee a large fleet, your company will benefit by partnering with Hydro-Gen25.
Drive Green

Eliminating carbon buildup on engine parts, decrease oil changes, reduce filter changes and lessening engine operating temperatures

Carbon Footprint

Greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations and increasing fuel costs are inevitable and unavoidable. Decrease your carbon footprint and increase gas mileage for your trucks.

Save Our Planet & Save Green

Contact us today to start reducing your fuel consumption & cost by 15% to 40% while also dramatically SHRINKING maintenance cost.

Inevitable greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation and increasing fuel costs? How can we help?

Hydro-Gen25 will actually guarantee that your truck or your entire fleet will be able to pass the  California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) strict standards. Hydro-Gen25 guarantees to  help you lower your emissions drastically that you can rest assure knowing your truck or your entire fleet will pass any & all of the strict EPA standards & guidelines.  Contact us today to see how we here at Hydro-Gen25 can help you go green while saving $ green.

  • Pass Emission test
  • Reduce Oil Changes
  • Meet all current California Air Resources Board emission standards
  • Reduce Filter changes
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Meet all current Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards

Meet our team

George E. Bingham
George E. BinghamFounder & CEO
Benjamin Bingham
Benjamin BinghamPresident & COO
Maria Barajas-Reed
Maria Barajas-ReedSr. Executive VP/Asst. to CEO


Why choose us?

We are here for the long run, with 14 years of proven history and experience, we will be here to support our customers, both old and new with the best products available, as well as technical support to include long term product reliability.

We use our own product
Our CEO, George Bingham, as our HG25 product installed on his V8 Toyota Tundra. Customer of his own product. 
HG25 Guarantee

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