Thank you for bringing the 2002 Chevy Duramax through our shop the other day. The Wager smoke meter doesn’t read particulate matter to the 1/100th. The meter only reads to 1/10th. Average results for 99% of diesel vehicles are in the area of 2.8ppm-5.0ppm in testing. These readings are for vehicles that aren’t modified with programmers and removal of a catalyst and so forth. So a reading of 0.8 is extremely clean by EPA standards set forth for Nevada. It’s almost unheard of to have something that clean, be it Diesel or Gas.


David K. Mashour Express Smog Inc.

I am extremely statisfied with the gas savings I am getting on my work truck as well as the engine is performing better.  I told my wife and now she wants to get one on her minivan!! 

Albert Fencer Alpine Fence Company

After traveling 5435 miles on my recent trip to Arizona [March 2009] pulling a 10,000 lb. trailer to Arizona and a 13,000 lb. load on my return, I tallied up my gasoline purchases. I used 560 gallons of fuel resulting in right at 10 mpg , a significant improvement over the performance of the older hydrogen generator installed prior to this trip in February I feel I would easily have spent twice the money spent on fuel without the current hydro-gen 25 generator installed. Performance ,pulling a 10,000 lb. trailer with over 3,000 lbs. of cargo, was excellent. Last year on this same trip ,using the previous model, my results were 7.1 mpg. This compares to mileage without a generator of 5 mpg on this same trip with the same exact equipment. However, these reported results are slightly misleading, as I brought back more semi-precious gemstone rock this year than any year before(over 3,000 lb.). Thus, my results would have been even better, if my load had been identical! Keep up the great work improving your units. When I think you’ve “hit the wall” on increasing output, you manage to somehow pull out a significant increase in the units output with the resulting decrease in monies spent. I am now recommending to those who have been “fence sitters” to get off their buttocks and get a unit on their vehicles. Why, anyone would continue to unnecessarily give away money they don’t have to, is frankly beyond my comprehension! Combining the fuel savings with the fact that I’m driving an “ultra low emissions vehicle” which is now 8 years old and was converted to this status for only around a $1,000 is incredible. We can only hope that many more people will put their money where their mouth is with regard to the green issue. Here it is people! Near zero emissions- without a crazy cost to get there.

Jerry Sluder FF/Emt
Wow, I simply cannot believe the difference from installing the Hydro-Gen25 generator. Not only was I able to literally able to feel the difference I also saw the difference with my savings in fuel which has me reaching the company fuel saving bonuses every month! Besides that the fact that only minutes after it was first installed I was able to place my hand comfortably on my trucks exhaust stack without buring myself. The fact that it made that much of a difference in it's temperature and the drastic change in how great it is running now made me a true believer! I am telling everyone I can about Hydro-Gen25!
Woody Mack

I was sold after watching how much money I saved off of one of our trucks so had to put them on the entire fleet! 
28.33 Increase!

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