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“It is one thing to say trucking is our economy’s lifeblood, but it is quite another to show it…trucking is, and will continue to be the dominant way to move goods in this country.”  This comment, made by American Trucking Association President and CEO Bill Graves is an irrefutable fact.  Trucking has been, and still is the primary mode of freight transportation in the United States.  In 2014, trucks moved 9.96 billion tons, or approximately 70%, of all domestic freight.   The $700 billion in revenue generated by the trucking industry accounted for more than 80% of all spending for freight transportation.  During that same year, trucking provided more than 7 million American jobs, nearly 3.5 million of those being drivers.  Yes, without the trucking industry, the United States economy would be brought to a standstill.


But despite the current strong position that the trucking industry holds, many trucking company owners and fleet executives are seriously concerned about major challenges that threaten to slow down, or even stop the growth of their respective firms.  Have you found the solutions to our industry challenges?  How are you facing the struggle of regulatory compliance?  What are you doing to combat the risk of increasing fuel and maintenance costs?

Inevitable greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations

While these regulations most certainly will benefit the environment, those benefits will not come for free.  The necessary changes to comply with sweeping regulations will come directly from the potential profits of all trucking companies – from those with massive fleets to those with a handful of vehicles.  These mounting regulations will have a dual effect: fewer entrepreneurs will cross the threshold into the trucking industry because the costs will be a barrier to entry.  Additionally, many small-to-medium sized companies will be in danger of being driven out of business altogether because managing compliance to these regulations will be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. It will be even more problematic for trucking companies that do not operate within the regulations, because they will face stiff fines, and even worse, trucks will be parked as a result of punitive measures for non-compliance.  What is your company doing to plan for these impending changes?

The constant threat of escalating fuel costs

When fuel costs rose drastically during the last recession, many big corporations suffered with falling profits. Smaller companies and independent truckers (which by some estimations, made up 20% of the industry) faced financial ruin.  Over 1,000 American trucking companies went bankrupt; and 42,000 trucks sat idle during the first quarter of 2008 simply because their owners could not afford to operate them due to astronomical fuel and maintenance costs.  Will your company be prepared when fuel prices rise again?

Hydro-Gen25 – Your Reliable Partner

Hydro-Gen25 is the reliable partner that you need to make sure your company is equipped and able to face both of the scenarios above.  How so?  Hydro-Gen25’s complete line of hydrogen generators and accompanying products help you to:

  • Meet all current Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards
  • Meet the current California Air Resources Board emission standard
  • Reduce fuel costs by 15% to 40%
  • Shrink maintenance costs by:
    • Eliminating carbon buildup on engine parts
    • Lessening engine operating temperatures
    • Decreasing oil changes
    • Reducing filter changes


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