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What is HYDRO-GEN25?

HYDRO-GEN25 is a unique, turnkey hydrogen (HHO) generator that increases fuel efficiency up to 40% or more in gasoline and diesel engines. Our patented product, while based on technology available for decades, is the only product available today to have resolved the issues historically associated with this technology.  Our unique design addresses numerous concerns, including durability, solving the common issue of electrode corrosion, allowing for full One Year Warranty. Our system does not require enhancing or even replacing the O2 sensor, providing automatic adjustment of the signals to the O2 and MAP sensors that are proportional to the HHO gas available.

Why haven’t I heard about this technology before?
How do I know it really works?
Is hydrogen safe to use on my vehicle?

Yes!  HYDRO-GEN25 provides hydrogen on demand, meaning that there is not a hydrogen storage tank. The gas is produced only as it is needed, so only a small amount exists at any given time. The liquid “fuel” in the unit is water.

Will HYDRO-GEN25 void my warranty?
Will my engine be damaged?
What type of water does the system use and how often must it be refilled?

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