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Hydro-Gen25 is a completely self-contained manufacturer of Hydrogen/Oxygen (HHO) systems located in Dallas, TX

Our Process
Every team member here truly believes in this product because they have personally seen the amazing results that come from using our generators regardless of what type of vehicle it is installed on. We use a detailed 6 step process when engineering our generators.  We do not believe in skipping steps or finding faster or easier ways just so we can generate more product faster. We all take pride in our work because whether you're a technician, or an installer, or your job is simply to make copies & coffee we know that when one link slips even just slightly the entire project could fail & failure is not in our vocabulary. When you have employees who truly love the product they make then you always get an amazing product created out of their passion and excitement to always give our clients the very best.
Our Team

Every team member here at Hydro-Gen25 is extremely passionate about doing our part to facilitate the healing as well as promote the longevity of this earth from the soil beneath our feet, to the air in which we breathe, and in the water we drink. We are not wanting this just for now, but continuously for all of the many generations to come. We do our part by the extensive & creative design, to the many hours of testing, & in the in house manufacturing of all of the Hydro-Gen 25 HHo generators. We work as one, from the C.E.O. to the shop technicians we are a family & are constantly collaborating new ideas in order to continuously make our product better. We are more than just a company of employees we are a family & we all truly believe in our mission & our product. You will truly see the difference by our products as well as in your dealings with any one of the amazing Hydro-Gen 25 members.

A little about us - Why go green?


Reducing emissions up to 72%. Reducing of carbon buildup in cylinders, and spark plugs

Increase Life

Increasing life of the catalytic converter, oil and spark plugs


Using water as source of supplemental alternative fuel


Extending your fuel mileage from 15% – 40%.


Restoring new car performance. 

Our process


Our super heroes

George E. Bingham
George E. BinghamFounder & CEO
Benjamin Bingham
Benjamin BinghamPresident & COO
Maria Barajas-Reed
Maria Barajas-ReedSr. Executive VP/Asst to CEO
Veronica Gatewood
Veronica GatewoodOffice Manager
Mell Thoman
Mell ThomanExecutive VP - Operations
Iceola Burnett
Iceola BurnettExecutive Asst.
Mel Tillar
Mel TillarInternational Spokesperson
Ken Beard
Ken BeardCFO
Our Mission

Our Mission is to manufacture the highest quality HHO products available, using water jet computer guided cutting edge technology, along with precision die roll, forming metal fabrication and ultimately a TIG welded final assembly using the best quality stainless steel available

Our Commitment to you

We are here for the long run, with 14 years of proven history and experience, we will be here to support our customers, both old and new with the best products available, as well as technical support to include long term product reliability.

Hydro-Gen25 CEO, George E. Bingham


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